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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The National Alliance for Learning Conference, Austin Texas

I am here at the Baymont Inn which is off of I-35 in Austin, Texas. In fact if the Baymont Inn were a living thing it would be a conjoined twin with I-35. I am at the Baymont Inn rather than the Omni Hotel where the International Alliance for Learning is being held tomorrow through Sunday, January 14 . Omni, which means "all things and every thing", must think they are "all that and an oyster on the half shell" because their rate for single occupancy is more than a starving entrepreneur, who is not "all that" and is allergic to oysters whether with two shells, one shell or going commando, can afford.

I tried to find a room mate to share the expense at the Omni, but it didn't pan out. So I am about 9 miles from "all that".

My room at the Baymont is just ten leisurely paces from a Denny's and just about twice that from a Gas-n-Go, where they have all the conveniences I could ever want or need including pills that guarantee to increase my stamina. On top of that I get an inexpensive, well appointed room, free breakfast, cable TV, free, wireless internet, and no oysters.

I am delivering my 3Cs of Graphic Communication workshop tomorrow morning. When one gets approved to deliver a program at a conference, it is considered such an honor that one will sacrifice life and all worldly savings to be there. having done so, not to mention depleting a frequent flyer account I will spend the rest of the conference going to sessions and MARKETING.

I think my some of my sarcasm is because this is all new and unknown. Having never been to a conference of this type not to mention delivering a program, the ego, rather than embracing this discomfort views all new things as somehow just not right. At least that is the case with my ego.
I am actually really grateful to be able to deliver something I am passionate about, and the opportunity to mix with learning folks.

Anyway, I am going to blog the event, with observations, learning, photos, and graphic notes. At least that's what my ego has laid out. We'll see if the rest of me can meet the commitment. Maybe I need those pills from Gas-n-Go.

I invite your participation and encourage your comments...as long as they don't come from your ego.

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